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JOA Chemicals was established in 2003 and specialized in custom manufacturing of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates including various heterocyclic compounds which were hard-to-get and mostly not available in the market. We process R&D, scale-up on the quantity mainly from grams to tons according to our customers’ requirements.

Our research institute sets up a 15000 m2 research base and has two pilot workshops equipped with various size reactors ranged from 20L to 3000L. We have more than 30 professional R&D chemists who specialized in route development and procedure optimization in laboratory and 40 experienced scale-up engineers. Each year, we synthesis 100-200 new compounds in the laboratory and process scale-up in pilot-plant and commercial-plant.

In the past years, with our professional and efficient R&D and production service, we have established long-term relationship with many world famous pharmaceutical companies. We pasted ISO9001 quality management system and we also adopted the concepts of E.H.S to ensure that our service is professional and our employees work in safe and healthy environment. In particular, we’ll follow the western practice in intellectual property aspect to ensure our customers’ interest.

R&D Laboratory
Advanced Synthesis Laboratory and Analysis Laboratory
30 Professional R&D chemists
Custom Synthesis
Contract Research and Development
Kilo-Scale Synthesis

Scale-up Plant
40 Professional Scale-Up Production Engineers
Pilot-Scale Plant (20-1000L Reactors)
Commercial-Scale Plant (1000-3000L Reactors)
Scale-up from Kilos to Multi-Ton
Cost Efficiency and Process Optimization

Capabilities & Facilities
Glass-Lined and Stainless steel Reactors (up to 3000L)
High pressure reaction (up to 12MPa)
High Temperature & Low Temperature Reaction (-80-300℃)
Vacuum Drier (up to 500L)
Fractional Distillation Units (up to 500L)

Experience in Varieties of Reactions
Cyclization Reaction / Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds
Diazotization Reaction
Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Grignard Reaction / Butyl Lithium Reaction
Halogenation Reaction / Fluoro Derivatives
Oxidation & Reduction Reaction
Nitration, Cyanation , etc

What make us different
Quick Response and Short Lead Time
Experience in Synthesis Development
Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Protection
Experience in Export-Import Procedures
Favorable Pricing due to competitive Cost 

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